Hi! Welcome to Elle Boone Photography!


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what do you consume the most of?

popcorn, sweet potato fries, turkey and cheese sandwiches

If you could be anywhere else right now....

I would be eating lunch in the Redwood Forest of Big Sur, California.  

How would you describe the goal of your business?

to create an excellent, meaningful, and enjoyable experience and product documenting your love and life.

What are you on the enneagram?

3, yup achiever 

Have you always been a photographer?

No, before we moved to Fort Worth, I worked on College Young Life staff at the University of Texas at Austin. 

what is your special treat?

kombucha or pour-over coffee 

what was your childhood dream?

I used to watch Cheaper by the Dozen and actually want my home to be like that, yes including all the children.

what is your style?

natural, organic, full of light 





I love meeting new people, send me an email and let's get coffee! 

-elle boone