Campbell Family Session

Preparing for a Newborn Session

           There are a few things to keep in mind before your newborn session.  Hopefully these suggestions will prepare you and your home for capturing the most beautiful and special photos. 


The best spot to shoot your newborn’s photos will probably be near the largest window.  The day of the session, I will walk around the house and find the best places with the most natural light to capture the baby’s photos.  The best rooms are the ones with the simplest, most white and neutral backgrounds, with lots of light.  If you have a room like this with lots of clutter, try to put somethings away before the session.  We will probably move chairs and other furniture to set up.  



The shoot may take place in the babies nursery or we may decide that the lighting/style would be better in another room.  I love shoots with the family sitting on the parent’s bed, especially with light-colored, neutral bedding.  If you are interested in having the photos on your bed, think about investing in a new bedspread if needed! These make a big difference in the quality of photos.  



Relax-newborn sessions take time.  We will be patient, until we get a great shot.  Newborns are very unpredictable and usually have a very short window of time that they are happy laying down alone.  Don’t worry.  Expect to take a few feeding breaks and cuddle sessions to keep your baby happy in between shots.  If sleep doesn’t happy it is totally fine, we will still come up with beautiful, special photos.


It is best to warm up your house to 80 or so degrees.  Newborn are used to being held and in warm, tight places.  Having the temperature of the house warmer will help them to be happy longer laying on their own.  

Feeding the Baby

Try to feed the baby right before the session begins.  It would be perfect even if you are still feeding the baby when the session time begins to give me a minute to set up the scene.  In this case, the baby hopefully will be happy and sleepy for us to capture him or her.


I would love for you to pull out some of your basic swaddles ahead of time. If you don’t have any send me a quick note before and I can bring some.

If you have any specific ideas before the shoot, please email me in advance to make the planning process and actual session go smoother.


I love to have siblings included in the photos.  Communicate ahead of time when the kids "peak" time is so that we can shoot to photograph them with the newborn during this window.  


Wear something lightly colored, pastel, or neutral.  Layers, vests, accessories, earrings, headbands, all these things add depth and character to a shoot.  They can be done perfectly or overdone.  Check out my pinterest board for inspiration and let me know if you need help putting together your outfits.   

For moms- make sure that your fingernails and toenails aren’t chipped, it will show up in photos.  New moms are incredibly beautiful no matter how you feel.  Don’t hesitate to have your hair and makeup done.  Let me know if you need suggestions of hair and makeup artists. 

The baby can be dressed in just a diaper at the session start time.  


John Ryder

My sweet in law family and their beautiful children, welcomed sweet baby #4 John Ryder this past fall. He is perfection!

Rowan Newborn Session

The two older girls are so excited to have a little brother with the sweet gift of Rowan entering the world!

Mitchell Family Session

The stars aligned perfectly for this session to happen. We had to reschedule last minute, because of sick kids, but it turned out to be the most perfect evening with a West Texas storm rolling in. These boys could not have been more tender and sweet with each other and their parents. It was a joy to capture this family again with a new, cute and rolly member.

Milo Coulter

There is nothing like meeting one of your best friend’s babies and getting to photograph their new little family. I am beside myself excited about this new season of raising babies with this deeply, wise friend. I know that I am going to learn so much from the Coulter’s as they parent little Milo.

Motherhood Event 2019

I’m not sure if one day a year is enough to celebrate the work, sacrifice, and beauty that mother’s pour out every hour of every day. Much of a mother’s work is unseen, hands in the sink, the third load of laundry for the week, waking up with different children throughout the night. It can be grueling some days. I want to pause all the chaos for a beat and bring attention to the glory of a mother’s love for her children.

Mother’s Day is May 12th and to celebrate we are going to have a few big events around here. I want all of you to have a chance to get behind the camera with the ones you serve everyday to capture your beautiful love. I want you to be spoiled this day and to feel pampered and loved.

Indoor and outdoor

The Motherhood Event will take place on April 13th and there are indoor and outdoor options. The indoor sessions will take place at The Lumen Room between 9am-1pm and the outdoor sessions will take place along the Trinity Trails near White Settlement between 6pm-8pm.

Package includes


5 digital downloads

15 minute session

goodie bag of Fort Worth business love

option of flower crown made by Moss Floral

option to upgrade and purchase full gallery for $125

Hair and Makeup

Shannon Caldwell Downing from Something You Beauty will be at the Lumen Room doing hair and makeup and is available as an add-on to your session for $125. Shannon is the most sought after hair and makeup artist in Fort Worth and her natural beautiful styling pairs well with the natural look of our photography.

one year of lucy

What we love about you, lucy…

“I love her teeth, her big kisses, her scrunchy nose, and her cuddles.”
— Dad
“That she loves me! And even cuddled up and sucked her thumb on my chest once! Her goofy faces- when she scrunches her nose. How she crawls. How she loves Hudson.”
— Mimi
“I love how cuddly and smiley she is.”
— Aunt Tricia
“Of course her beautiful smile and she is my Great Grand baby.”
— GG
“Where do I start? How she smiles out of the side of her mouth and whenever you just look at her, she smiles.”
— Aunt Maddie
“She is beautiful and looks just like her mother and great grandmother Helen.”
— Great Grandmother Lysle
“I love how much she smiles, she has such a sweet smile!”
— Uncle Sam
“Oh man, the wave, her face and her chunky legs. I just want to squeeze her.”
— Aunt Hannah
“Her chunk and how her eyes sparkle.”
— Aunt Lucia
“Her sparkly smiling eyes. Her expressiveness”
— Aiya
“I love her sweet demeanor, but also how she tries to climb towards your face. It’s cute how her little hands grab hold as she tries to get closer.”
— Uncle Ben

Preparing for the Motherhood Event

Lucy Newborn Session

It’s almost been one year since we welcomed our sweet Lucy into the world. Hudson was induced one week past his due date, so she was quite a surprise when she came three weeks early on my birthday! I was at dinner with my friends celebrating my birthday, when my contractions started. I didn’t tell anyone, because I thought I might be being dramatic. When I got home, Michael had a friend over. I waited until his friend left and then told him that I thought we might be going to the hospital that night. I put Hudson to bed and cried the whole time, knowing that my time of just him and me was over. I read him his books, tucked him in bed, took a shower, cried more, and then when I couldn’t talk anymore we decided that we needed to go to the hospital.

We loaded Hudson in the car to take him to my moms, jammed “Thunder” the short drive to the hospital, and checked in. The nurses tried to stop my labor, by having me rest and drink water, but soon after we arrived, I got an epidural. The second delivery was so different from the first, which had been natural, exhausting, painful, and such a beautiful experience. When we arrived at the hospital with Lucy, I knew that I didn’t have it in me at that time. I just didn’t have the energy. My epidural set in and Michael and I rested, knowing the days ahead would be difficult (with no days off for Michael) and then Lucy peacefully and sweetly entered the world. (The doctor let Michael deliver her). She weighed almost two pounds less than Hudson at 6lb 9oz.

God knew that we needed the sweet, most snuggly, sleepiest little doll baby for 2018. Every month following was jam packed with two of my siblings weddings, a best friend’s sons hospital stay and death, my dad’s death, and our own kids health issues. This little birthday present of Lucy Bennett Boone has eased our spirits at every turn this year as we spent a good portion of the year driving back and forth across Texas with so much life happening. In the days after my dad’s death, my kids have been such a gift making us get up as the day dawns, making us laugh, play, get outside, and keep going. Lucy has ministered to us so much through her contentment, trust, and sensitivity.

God has blessed us immensely. He knows what is next for each of us and with death and life in each hand He is good and He overcomes. I am excited to celebrate our little doll baby. I will always remember Lucy’s first year with such a mix of the greatest joys and the most devastating losses. We love you sweet girl, thankful for a God that holds it all in his hands.

Photos by myself and my friend Neeli Brisky at Eucharisteo Films.

Boone Family Session

I have been thinking a lot about how God is love...

One of the biggest struggles that has come with losing my dad this year, has been this thought that I have lost someone who loved me in a way that no one else ever could. No one will ever be able to love me like my dad loved his first child. I imagine he and my mom bringing me home from the hospital, sharing me with their parents, the firsts of everything, watching me struggle, watching me excel, watching me start a family.

No one will ever be able to share wisdom with me and parent me through my adulthood years. Through his 53 years of life, millions of hours farming, starting businesses, decades of friendship, losing his parents, going through divorce, remarriage…there is depth and wisdom there that no one but a father would take the time to share with his children.

No one will be able to provide the fun and opportunities to my children that I know my dad intended to do. Growing up, we spent weeks in Colorado skiing, every Sunday making the most stupid and dangerous games up with my dad and his friend, training and competing in marathons and triathlons, traveling to visit and explore new places. This winter, my dad was planning on taking Hudson to learn to ski.

I can go down this paths over and over again. This love is dead and it is never ever coming back. I think about standing over my dad’s lifeless body everyday and holding the hands who once showed me great care and love that were cold and unresponsive.

BUT GOD. The truth is that this love is not dead. The good news of God coming to Earth to save us is that He defeated the greatest enemy of death and said that it has NO power over those who believe and accept the right to become children of God.

This love that I miss in a way that my bones ache is not dead, but is alive. God gave me a father to give me just a taste of the love of the Father, who will never leave us and is longing to be reunited with us. This Father sent His son, who left us with His Spirit as a promise of the inheritance that is yet to come.

The enemy wants us to believe that love can be broken and that we can be separated from the love of God in Christ Jesus, but praise be to God who has broken down every wall for us and made us His children. Oh how rich is our inheritance.

Photos by Katie Beth Lamb.

Bethany Lauck Newborn Session

Maly Family Session

This session was magical.  It is the best when moms and dads can slow down with no worries and presently engage their kids.  I love the longer family session when there is time for the little ones to play, explore, and be creative.  I have fallen in love with this family and my hope is that these photos do justice to their beautiful love.  

Meliha and Ihsaan Austin Wedding

Photography: Elle Boone Photography | Wedding Planner: Mccall Guinn Events  | Floral Design: Native Bloom Floral |   Venue: The Prospect House | Catering: Tempura Grill | Beauty: Erica Gray Beauty  | DJ : DJ Prince | Furniture: Birch and Brass  | Rentals: Premier Events and Texas Hill Country Events | Day of Signage: e.b. creative

Holdorff Family Session

Holdorff Family Session

What a sweet family session the Holdorffs were, enjoy! Elle Boone Photography's blog displays her latest work-including senior pictures, engagement sessions, weddings, newborn, and maternity pictures, as well as talks about the culture and happenings in Fort Worth, Texas and beyond. 

Lindsey Boone Family Session

Lindsey Boone Family Session

What a sweet family session the Boones were, enjoy! Elle Boone Photography's blog displays her latest work-including senior pictures, engagement sessions, weddings, newborn, and maternity pictures, as well as talks about the culture and happenings in Fort Worth, Texas and beyond. 

Best of Fort Worth Fall Mini Sessions

Fall Mini Sessions were a whirlwind of adventure! We photographed over 45 families in the short span of September through November, but goodness were they full of sweet smiles and real laughter.


          If you want a quick family photo update or are looking ahead to holiday Christmas cards, but you don't want to invest the full price of a family session, a mini session is a great option.  Especially with kids, everyone is changing so quickly and every season is different, so mini sessions are a great option to have a handful of photos from each season. It also lessens the stress of getting small children to focus for a long photo session.

          If you want to select your location, time, and date and have more time for photographs, you can schedule a family session.  Fill out the contact form if that sounds more like what you are interested in. 


          A quick, painless, fun, twenty minutes of wrangling all your kids and trying to get everyone to look at the camera at once.  It is a hilarious blast!  I am always smiling from ear to ear, because of the ridiculous things myself and parents will do to get kids to smile.  At the end of almost every session, when I tell them we are finished, they look at me and say, "Really? That wasn't bad at all!"


            Only occasionally.  There will always be mini sessions before Christmas for family Christmas cards and at other times throughout the year (signup up for Fort Worth April mini session here) we will do pop-up sessions for a family photo update.  Sign up for the newsletter to make sure you don't miss out on mini session news and updates!

Enjoy some of my favorites below!



Colman Fall Mini Session 2017-3_preview.jpeg
side by side 1.png
McClure Fall Mini Session 2017-1_preview.jpeg
side by side 2.png
Martinek Fall Mini Session 2017-5_preview.jpeg
McIntyre Family Session-1_preview.jpeg


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Great Resources for Growing in Motherhood

Great Resources for Growing in Motherhood

Learn more about what it looks like to grow in motherhood and embrace the seasons that you are in, enjoy! Elle Boone Photography's blog displays her latest work-including senior pictures, engagement sessions, weddings, newborn, and maternity pictures, as well as talks about the culture and happenings in Fort Worth, Texas and beyond.