Alaina Benn Ceramics- Local Business Spotlight

This week we are featuring Alaina Hamlett of Alaina Benn Ceramics...

how it all began..

          Alaina is a senior at TCU and has some crazy talent when it comes to ceramics. She has always had a love for art, but never imagined that it would be something that she could actually pursue in such a tangible way. Alaina began her work with ceramics during her sophomore year at TCU when she enrolled in a ceramics course. She said that at first, it was a little tough to get the hang of and she often felt discouraged by it, however it wasn’t long before she fell absolutely in love with the concept of creating something with her hands. As her skills began to grow, Alaina decided to try and see if anyone would be interested in purchasing her art. The first item she sold was her hand-crafted pour-overs. She posted an image of one on Instagram to see if anyone would want to buy one and her expectations were completely blown away. She was very encouraged by how many people wanted to purchase a pour over that she began steadily working to perfect them even more. 


What's ahead..

    Alaina has several goals for the future of her business. Some of her short term goals include finishing a website, creating a dinnerware set,  and saving up to purchase her own wheel. Some of her long-term goals and dreams include eventually opening up a coffee shop/ ceramics studio with a barista friend of hers. The idea would be to have a coffee shop with a full functioning ceramics studio attached. The coffee shop would use all of the products from the ceramics studio to serve the coffee in, as well as sell the products. The studio would also function as a collaborative workspace for other artists. 


giving back..

    In addition to being a talented ceramics artist, Alaina is also a Young Life leader in Fort Worth. Young Life is another huge passion of hers and she has been able to tie these two passions together. This past year Alaina sold pour overs to help raise money to send a kid to Young Life Camp. Her dream is to continue to do this with hopes that she will continue to raise more and more funds to send even more kids to camp to hear about Jesus. When Alaina was describing why she loves pottery so much, she cited a certain passage from the Bible where God is referred to as the Potter and we are His clay. Alaina said that remembering this passage when she is sitting at the wheel and molding clay, she is able to more fully understand this verse and to grasp its depth. She is able to understand more clearly the intricacy with which God handcrafted each of us and that brings her to awe of His glory.

          I’m so excited to watch Alaina continue on this journey of starting her ceramics business. She is so talented and so passionate that I know success is sure to follow her. If you are interested in checking out some of her work follow her on Instagram at @alainabennceramics!

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copy is written by Hannah Distasio