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Preparing for the Motherhood Event

Campbell Mommy and Me Session

Goodness little boys are the best especially how they love their moms.  Throw in a beautiful pregnant belly and you have the cutest session ever.  I may have mentioned chocolate chip cookies a little bit too early to sweet Wyatt, but he held on and showed his momma some love for the sweetest Fort Worth spring session.  We are so excited for the newest member of the Campbell clan to make her debut!  Congratulations friends!  

Hudson's First Birthday

I cannot believe that this boy is one year old!  It has been such a great joy to watch him grow every month and to see his personality develop.  He is so silly, we laugh so much of the day at our house.  He is obsessed with all things soft and furry (especially dogs) and basically pants and rubs his face on everything soft.  He loves to go to sleep at night and lays there, allowing you to kiss him 100 times while he just giggles, but doesn't move.  He has been walking for a month or two and is getting scary fast.  He has his own "drawer" of food/cups and now he takes everything in the house-shoes, keys, phones, pacifiers, cups, toys and hides them in his drawer, which is making it harder to keep track of all my stuff, haha.  

When we went in for the twenty week sonogram and they told us we were having a boy, Michael and I both knew that his name would be Hudson.  When we were dating, we had both read the biography of Hudson Taylor, who was one of the first missionaries to China.  Unlike other missionaries of the time, he "became like" the indigenous Chinese, dressing in their cultural wear and growing his hair long.  He worked with all his might relentlessly as a doctor committed to taking the good news of Jesus to the inland Chinese.  He refused to ask for anything, but instead relied on God's miraculous provision day to day.  (If you haven't read this book, you have to!)

It is our and hope and prayer that Hudson would know how worthy Jesus is of his life and that he would wholly lay his life down in obedience to God's love.  

We are so thankful for the community in Fort Worth of friends and family who have blessed us beyond measure this year, helping us along the way at every step- meeting practical, emotional and spiritual needs.  It really does take a village to raise a child. 


Here are a few pictures of him last week I took at our mommy and me session.  

Eloise's Newborn Session-Fort Worth

Cotton bows. Purple Delphinium. Sweet Eloise.  

Oh my goodness what a dream.  This newborn session was sweet and beautiful with the morning light streaming into the entryway and through the bedroom windows.  Mom and dad could not have been happier that their precious gift had finally arrived-their little girl Eloise.  

Harrison Newborn Session-Fort Worth

Window light.  Fresh eucalyptus.  Newborn baby boy.  A great morning!

KC and I met last summer through the wedding industry.  It has been so fun to know her through her new pregnancy and now through Harrison's birth.  It was so special to watch her and her husband tend to sweet little Harrison, who is only 5 pounds, so gracefully.  I am excited to do motherhood with this momma and watch her sweet boy grow.  What a blessing!  


Best of Fort Worth Fall Mini Sessions


Fall Mini Sessions were so fun this year!! I enjoyed meeting and capturing all of these great families.  


Why book a mini session?

          If you want a quick family photo update, but you don't want to invest the full price of a family session, a mini session is a great option.  Especially with kids, everyone is changing so quickly and every season is different, so mini sessions are a great option to have a handful of photos from each season.  

          If you want to select your location, time, and date and have more time for photographs, you can schedule a family session.  Fill out the contact form if that sounds more like what you are interested in. 


What should I expect from a mini session?

          A quick, painless, fun, twenty minutes of wrangling all your kids and trying to get everyone to look at the camera at once.  It is a blast.  I am always smiling from ear to ear, because of the ridiculous things myself and parents will do to get kids to smile.  At the end of almost every session, when I tell them we are finished, they look at me and say really? That wasn't bad at all! 


When are mini sessions offered?  

            Only occasionally.  There will always be mini sessions before Christmas for family Christmas card and at other times throughout the year we may do pop-up sessions for a family photo update.  Sign up for my newsletter to make sure you don't miss out on mini session news and updates.







Interested in booking a mini session?  

Mommy and Me Mini-Session signups are live, you can sign up here.  

If you want to be notified when other mini-sessions dates are released, sign up for the newsletter below.  




Preparing for a Family Session


          What should you wear to a mommy and me session?  What should your kids wear?  What photographs well?  Read the following for some suggestions and guidance.   I love to help with selecting outfits and styling your session, so text me photos and ask me questions.  

Attire for Moms

Wear something lightly colored, pastel, neutrals, or floral prints.  Layers, vests, accessories, earrings, headbands, all these things add depth and character to photos.  They can be done perfectly or overdone.  I think long flowy dresses make moms look like queens and can be worn again, especially in the spring/summer.  Choose something that you feel beautiful and comfortable in.  Check out my pinterest board for inspiration and let me know if you need help putting together your outfit.   

 Make sure that your fingernails and toenails aren’t chipped, it will show up in photos.  Don’t hesitate to have your hair and makeup done.  Let me know if you need suggestions of hair and makeup artists. 

Where can I find the perfect dress/top?

I would suggest looking at the following websites or stores. 

Attire for kids

Kids look great in a similar color scheme- light, soft, colors.  Avoid bright, fluorescent colors or intense-looking patterns.  Stripes, flowers, seersucker, gingham, cords, etc. are great.  Shoes, moccasins, booties, or barefoot are great.   You can coordinate with your kids color scheme wise, but don't overdo it and match too much.  

Bonnets and straw hats are a plus if that's your thing.

Make sure to wipe your kids noses and pack clean snacks for your session.  

Check out my Pinterest page for more inspiration!

Where can I find the perfect outfits for my kids?

I wrote a blog post a few months ago highlighting some great kids' brands see more here.

In the mean time, here are a few kids brands that I love.

Also local to Fort Worth, Baby by Design has great outfits to choose from!


If you are interested in adding a subtle bouquet or flower crowns for your littles or mom, let me know! I can order them and have them delivered to the session.

Hair and Make-up Recommendation

Shannon Caldwell Downing at Something You Beauty
Becca Ashmon at BA Beauty

Emory Newborn Shoot

Looking at these photos, I keep thinking back to one year and a half ago.  I had just moved to Fort Worth and was connected to Bailey through a friend and we met during her lunch break at Lili's Bistro.  She filled me in on Fort Worth life and mentioned a guy that she was starting to date... fast forward to January and there is this beautiful family.  

Emory was perfect during the shoot, she was so sweet and easy.  I could not get enough of her sweet parents smiling and swooning over her, we all were.  Welcome to the world sweet Emory, I am so excited to watch you grow and to get to parent with your wonderful mom and dad.  

Norah Skidmore Newborn Pictures

I couldn't stop smiling for days after this newborn shoot.  It was so sacred to get to go into the Skidmore home in Dallas a week after Norah was born!  It was so fun to see this precious little angel and her family interact and love on their newest member.  I loved getting to see these old friends and meet their son George.   So so special!