Christmas Cards | The Key to Unlocking the Holiday Spirit

"Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time."

–Laura Ingalls Wilder

Christmas always has a way of delighting and rekindling the heart with love. Reminding us of the richness that fills our life. Is this simply because of the time of year? Of course not.

It is the actions we take to reach out with a tender touch to affirm love and care to those around us. This is what brings about the magic and delight of the Christmas season.

That is why Christmas Cards given and received will always be that special key. The one to welcome in the joy and loving warmth of the season.

Do you remember opening the box of your family’s Christmas Cards from throughout the years? That remembering smile that raises your cheeks with an accompaniment of warm tears. Thinking on how so much has changed, yet it seems as though these images were captured only yesterday.

Or arriving at your mailbox to find uniquely labeled envelopes from people you love. The earnest reconnection that takes place when opening each one. Even if it’s been months or years since last being together. Then seeing each of those cards strung across the living area. It never fails to make you feel cared for and thought of.

Feeling the warmth of that love at Christmas time? Me too! We want to help you carry that to your friends and family. So we have compiled a list of the BEST places to have your Christmas Cards printed this year.

Your Christmas Card should be unique to who your family is and this list has something for everyone!

Artifact Uprising

These beautiful, clean, and modern designs look UH-mazing with any photo! They are minimalistic in nature, but don’t lack any bit of charm or Christmas spirit.

  • User friendly.
  • A few simple customizable options. 
  • Envelopes are included in your order.


For the classic and modern tastes, Minted offers only beautiful card designs for displaying your family photos. Looking to have several options in your customization? This place has it all! It includes:

  • Free Recipient Addressing. 
  • Option for printed Return Addressing (for an additional cost). 
  • Choosing the shape of your card. 
  • Plenty of design & color choices for your card and envelope.
  • Customizable stamps that match your card!! How COOL is that?


Paper Culture

Do you love the idea of sending a Christmas Card to each of your loved ones, but are worried about how much paper it uses? Then you need to use Paper Culture! They actually plant a tree with every single order! But that’s not the only great thing about them.

  • With a wide range of sleek designs, you will be sure to find one to compliment your family photos. 
  • Great customizable Options. 
  • FREE Designer Assistance. 
  • FREE Printed Return and Recipient Addresses with many different design options. 
  • The option to have them stamp all of your cards and send them out for you. 


This place has some seriously cute and quirky designs. Check it out if this is what you’re looking for:

  • You can write out personal messages for each card, or have one general message for all of your cards.
  • They can either deliver all of the cards to you, or deliver them for you!
  • 100% Tree-Free Paper
  • Option to add gift cards to all, or just specific cards.
  • Postcard style optio

Shutterfly / Tiny Prints

There are endless options here. If you want it simple, or full of detail, you can find either! These two websites work together, though each one offers several different designs. But both of them have these in common:

  • Customizable Cards & envelopes
  • You can input all of the addresses & names onto the envelope online.
  • They will send your cards for you.
  • Schedule the day you want them to ship (Holidays can get so busy, and this is great for reassuring your Christmas Cards will be sent and received!).
  • Have more time and want to add a personal touch? Have them send your cards to your address with all envelopes blank. You can take all the time you want to add your own handwriting!

Paperless Post

            Every card here has a classic, yet artistic design. Has your Christmas budget restricted you from being able to send as many Christmas Cards as you’d like? These online only Christmas Cards may be what you need.

  • Free Online Options.
  • Design Variations
  • Even great for sending online party invitations!

There are so many convenient and thoughtful ways to do Christmas Cards these days. Choosing the way that best fits your family will help usher in that Holiday spirit, creating memories you will cherish forever.

This is a simple, yet profound way to remind those you love that you are thinking of them. A way to bring a new spring of joy to their Christmas season.


article by Neeli Briskey

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