Farm House

           My sister and I over Easter weekend went out to my grandparents farm in Waxahachie, TX to spend time with them. They live on a many acres in a beautiful big white barn-style home with a wrap around porch. My grandparents grow much of their own foods, raise chickens, bees, and actually have an official status of wildlife conservation on their property.  
          I have always loved visiting their house, eating truly farm to table meals (the morning we came we had fresh eggs, and mushrooms and asparagus from the garden).  It is not uncommon to see a bobcat or deer from the big floor to ceiling windows that look out in every direction from their house.  
           Every morning, my grandfather goes for a two mile walk and comes home to read the Wall Street Journal in the morning and the Dallas Morning News at lunch. Their beautiful, simple life is so peaceful and it is always a special and magical time when we have the privilege of visiting.