Five New Coffee Shops Opening in Fort Worth

Coffee Folk-3.jpg

1. Roots Coffeehouse

This coffee shop will be located on 400 Bryan Ave in Fort Worth. They are taking on a complete building renovation. Part will house Roots Coffeehouse and the other part (including upstairs) will house Criterion CoWorking (a co-working concept that we’re also working on).

Since they are still in the design phase, they aren’t sure about an exact opening date. Their goal is late 2017/early 2018.

Their decision to expand to Fort Worth was pretty easy - Fort Worth is home for them. In early 2016, they moved to the Fairmount neighborhood and fell in love with the area. They’ve had their eye on the South Main area, so when their building popped on the market, they saw it as their chance to try out their new co-working concept and provide the South Main area a community coffeeshop at the same time. They are so excited to be a part of this community!

The hope for Roots Fort Worth is to be a true community coffeeshop - a place for sharing & gathering. As with our flagship store in North Richland Hills, this shop will feature incredible craft coffee & tons of local ingredients. They love partnering with other local businesses in the community.

Their “specialty” is their accessibility.  They really want to be a place that all feel welcome and accepted. They have always had a great team of baristas who are friendly to both specialty-coffee-newcomers, as well as seasoned coffee drinkers. They also feature some incredible signature drinks - the Local Honey Vanilla Latte has been a crowd favorite since their NRH shop opened in 2009. The other thing that sets them apart is their commitment to local ingredients. They source as much as we can from local suppliers - Holy Kombucha, Dude Sweet Chocolate, Main Street Bakery, Novel Coffee Roasters, local honey, local craft beer, and many more!

Follow them on insta for more updates on the new location: @rootscoffeehouse / @criterioncoworking


2. Ampersand FW

           Ampersand FW decided to create the concept just out of pure spontaneity. They grew up and went to school around the area & saw that the market needed something new and different. Although the company is operating under one entity, they are a collaboration of two businesses. The partners both have a coffee shop (Cuppa Espresso Bar) and a bar (Citizen/Stirr) in the Dallas/Irving area. Nevertheless, they are trying to remain as transparent as possible.

          Overall, their hope for Ampersand is that it creates a little subculture of its own. They really take pride in being involved with the community as much as we possibly can. They are offering free coffee to not only police officers, but have now extended the offer the local firefighters, EMT"s, and active duty service members as well. Ultimately, they want to create a concept that is not only edgy, but is able to maintain the principles that really reflects the City of Fort Worth.

          They like to think of themselves as a one stop shop for their customers. They're striving to create an environment in which you can not only sit down & relax in the daytime, but also have a drink or two with their friends at night. They roast their own beans on a day to day basis, so everything is fresh. In addition to this, they partnered up with a local bakery (soon to be revealed) to provide them with the best quality products that play with their concept. There's plenty more that they would like to reveal, but are going to make the public wait a little bit. 

        As young entrepreneurs, they created this concept to reflect their own taste and interests. As mentioned earlier, they not only wanted something edgy and fun, but at the same time welcoming and comfortable. Coffee shops are a dime a dozen nowadays, they wanted to craft a concise menu that has a little bit of everything for everyone.

           There are so many reasons they are excited to be in Fort Worth. They see the city is currently in an exponential period of growth and development, & are just glad to be a part of it. Being millennials themselves, they are excited to bring something new to the area that ourselves would appreciate and love. As they say, "feels good to be home."

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3. Craftwork Coffee on Magnolia

Craftwork Coffee decided to open a new location on Magnolia, because they saw the professional community in the Near Southside often working in isolation in a home office and holding meetings in noisy coffee shops, so we wanted to provide a better option. Craftwork provides a balance of professional space and a community-oriented coffee shop.

Their hope is to create an environment of ease and inspiration. They want each & every person to walk into Craftwork and immediately recognize that this is a place where they belong

Their care and attentiveness set them apart as a coffee shop. They treat customers with genuine care not because its a rule, but because they deserve it. Care extends out into paying attention to the details. By striving for perfection with the small things, they achieve it with the big things.

Craftwork views Fort Worth as home and find it easy to work tirelessly for a city that they love.

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4. Coffee Folk

Located in East Fort Worth, this coffee trailer opened a few weeks ago.  

This coffee shop is meeting a need in a neighborhood that is really lacking in commercial development and especially coffee shops.  One of the local residents I met told me that he has been visiting the shop everyday they have been open to make sure they don't close.  

At this point, they don't have any dreams to open a brick and mortar.  Their desire is to see the area come back to life, as a preservation "thing," to see more places that people enjoy.  

The owner Brian Middleton enjoys the design aspect, he built the trailer and landscaped the incredible patio area.  He as his wife run the trailer at this point, in between schooling and raising their two girls.  

Go check out this awesome east side coffee trailer, open on Friday and Saturdays, and pick out a treat from their delicious selection of  Empire Baked Goods from Dallas.

Follow them on Facebook at Coffee Folk and on Instagram @coffeefolkcafe.

5. Ascension Coffee

Planned to open in WestBend (near HGSPLY CO) in a couple years!