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Motherhood. It is a sacred privilege and divine calling.

It is not about raising children with good behavior. Motherhood is about stewarding the hearts of the children that God has entrusted you with to help them become who they were created to be.

Knowing what a valuable and precious thing motherhood is, we wanted to take some time to share resources to help you in your motherhood journey.

These resources are not regarding schedules, or how to feed your kids, but how to shepherd these hearts you dearly love. You are an amazing mama with amazing kiddos. There is not a single area in life that we can walk through alone, and parenting seems to be on the top of that list. While I am not yet a mom, I look forward to the day when I get to have a house full of kiddos. I have a passion for motherhood, so I’ve reached out to some moms I really look up to, as well as pulled some resources I’ve found myself to be of great quality.




For Instruction In Righteousness

A dear friend and mentor shared on this book in a teaching she did on motherhood recently. This book will deal with every possible sin issue your child might face as they grow, and helps give you practical steps on how to work through those things with them. It sounds like it is beneficial for a parent’s heart as well! I definitely have this one on my list for the future.

Parenting in the Pew by Robbie F. Castleman

I can speak on this book out of a personal experience as a child, remembering the principles my mom took from this book. I remember sitting in “big church” as a young child, holding my moms hand and listening intently to what was happening during the service. We would play a “game” throughout church where if I ever heard the name of God, I would try to squeeze my mom’s hand before she squeezed mine. This was just one of the principles gained from this book, but I can attribute my love for the Word of God to being planted with this seed, along with others.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

This is another one on my list for the future. I love calling out the best in people, so to be able to one day do this with a bunch of little ones that God has entrusted me with sounds like the greatest privilege and responsibility of my life. The title alone reiterates what motherhood is about – looking at the heart of your child, and ultimately leading them to the perfect Shepherd.




God Centered Mom

Since I love learning on topics I’m passionate about, I have listened to several of this sweet ladies podcasts, and they are AMAZING. Heather McFadyean is a local DFW mom who loves Christ and is passionate about helping other mama’s know that they’re not alone and to encourage them in their motherhood journey. Different speakers appear each week on this podcast and there is just about every possible topic you could think of found here! This is definitely an encouraging podcast that you can listen to on the go or at home that will add to your motherhood journey.


Risen Motherhood

These sister-in-laws are so sweet and have a passion for encouraging moms in finding practical ways to stay in the Word of God. With all that is on a mom’s plate, they have first hand experience at how crazy life can get. But ultimately, they always come back to the Word of God and listening to their podcast will help to kindle that same flame in your heart.



This one is for women of all ages and stages of life, but the host, Hunter Beless herself is a young mom and has a gift of encouragement. She brings several different guests onto her podcast to talk about all things relating to women in their walk with Christ. There is plenty of laughter and wisdom that pours forth from these episodes.


Other Resources



It really does take a village. While you are the only one who has been called to mother your children (and you’re doing a GREAT job, by the way!!!), this is not something that should ever be done alone. We need encouragement, prayer, wisdom and guidance. If you’re not already connected to a godly group of women that encourage you toward Christ and that can pour out wisdom regarding motherhood, then go and find yourself one! My church has a weekly group for all women called Titus 2 that starts with worship, an encouraging word, then you break out into groups and discuss the message and connect as women all seeking to draw nearer to the Lord in every area. Everyone is welcome! The group meets every Tuesday at Gateway Church, Southlake Campus at 10am. It will start back on January 23rd, for anyone who is interested in coming by! Plus, there's free child care (major win).

Ever wonder what to do in the middle of feeling overwhelmed by your child’s behavior or a poor decision they made? Or are you hoping to encourage your children in those moments when they make a really great choice? This website has charts and other great resources that can help you and your kiddos learn how to respond in those situations.


Wherever you are in your motherhood journey, you are doing an amazing job. No matter what mistakes we make, God’s grace and redemption is ALWAYS enough. Condemnation is not from the Lord. When we continually run back to the grace that has been provided through Jesus, He is more than willing and able to heal what’s been broken, restore what’s been lost, and redeem those deepest places of hurt.

Do not let comparison rob the joy of mothering your children. Every. Single. Child. needs to be parented differently, because not a single one of them are identical in who they are. So stop looking at other moms and thinking you can’t measure up, because she is not the mother of your children. YOU are. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit for each of your kids. He knows your kids best and will let you know the next step in parenting each of your children.

You are NOT alone in this journey. Keep fighting the good fight, mama. There’s absolutely no one who could be doing a better job than you.

article by Neeli Brisky

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