one year of lucy

What we love about you, lucy…

“I love her teeth, her big kisses, her scrunchy nose, and her cuddles.”
— Dad
“That she loves me! And even cuddled up and sucked her thumb on my chest once! Her goofy faces- when she scrunches her nose. How she crawls. How she loves Hudson.”
— Mimi
“I love how cuddly and smiley she is.”
— Aunt Tricia
“Of course her beautiful smile and she is my Great Grand baby.”
— GG
“Where do I start? How she smiles out of the side of her mouth and whenever you just look at her, she smiles.”
— Aunt Maddie
“She is beautiful and looks just like her mother and great grandmother Helen.”
— Great Grandmother Lysle
“I love how much she smiles, she has such a sweet smile!”
— Uncle Sam
“Oh man, the wave, her face and her chunky legs. I just want to squeeze her.”
— Aunt Hannah
“Her chunk and how her eyes sparkle.”
— Aunt Lucia
“Her sparkly smiling eyes. Her expressiveness”
— Aiya
“I love her sweet demeanor, but also how she tries to climb towards your face. It’s cute how her little hands grab hold as she tries to get closer.”
— Uncle Ben