Our Spare Change- Local Business Spotlight

About the business...

Our Spare Change is a jewelry company founded by two sisters who have a passion for sharing stories and for reminding the world that something broken or deemed invaluable, can be restored into something beautiful.  


behind the scenes

Hillary O'Modhrain and Danielle Mellem began this endeavor as a more of a hobby than anything else. Danielle, the creative of the duo, began making necklaces in high school. It wasn’t long before she realized that she needed to source out a more inexpensive alternative to beads and such. This is where salvaged coins came into play. The coins allowed Danielle to continue to do what she loves in creating something beautiful but at a lower cost. Danielle crafts the jewelry by hammering down the coins with a sledge hammer and then hammering in each letter, one by one, with metal stamps. It wasn’t long before Hillary, the business brain of the two, noticed that Danielle was getting so many orders and decided to make this hobby more official, with a website, name and legal legitimacy. 


their story

As websites orders began streaming in with requests for certain words on the coin, Hillary noticed a need to learn more about those words. Danielle would pray over each piece that she made, but didn’t always know what a word meant, or why it was important to an individual. That is when storytelling became a huge part of their business. Their website now has an option for sharing your story with each purchase, and those stories are featured on the website. 


Hillary mentioned how neither of the girls ever dreamed that their business would be where it is now. They have been so blown away by how far God has brought them and allowed them to be apart of something so special. Through a series of divine connections Hillary and Danielle were able to meet a judge who brought an interesting idea to their attention. The judge asked is the two would ever be interested in hiring on women who had been previously incarcerated but who were on parole and in programs to help them establish worth and dignity. Hillary volunteers for an organization called the Net that helps to empower the homeless and women who’ve been sexually exploited. Her experience in working with the Net made this idea extra exciting for Hillary.  Taking on an employee has been a challenging and learning experience.  Hillary compared this experience to the story Tolkien tells about spending so much of his life drawing a leaf when his vision is to draw a beautiful tree and forest.  The process of training has been hard and time consuming, but these girls have a great vision. They dream of one day being able to employ many women who have been sexually exploited to nurture and train them before launching them into a successful and hopeful career.  


I was really so encouraged by my time with Hillary. I could tell that she believes in this company that she and her sister built, and believes in what they stand for. She is a faithful woman, truly seeking to glorify God through her business, her home, and her relationships. We were also able to talk about the business community in Fort Worth and the need for more leadership. Hillary then reminded me of the parable in the Bible of the man who gave his servants talents and entrusted to them his property.  He leaves town and comes back and judges them for what they have done with their talents.  The servant whom he gave five talents, when the man came back to "settle accounts" this man had made five talents more.  His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master’ (Matthew 25:14-30).

The sisters at Our Spare Change are investing their talents and there is fruit being born for the Kingdom because of their passion for restoring what was once lost and broken. 


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copy is written by Hannah Distasio