Peeling Back the Curtain

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Hey y’all! The Holiday season is in full swing and I’m sure, like us, things have been picking up and your schedule has been getting a little bit fuller. But really, if your schedule has to become filled with something, Thanksgiving and Christmas activities are probably one of the best things to fill it with (all the heart eyes from me over here)!

So to fill you in a bit on what’s been going on in Elle Boone Photography, we thought it would be fun to do a little “Behind the Scenes” for all of you to see what a typical week in the life of EBP looks like!

So let’s start with what our weekly meetings look like.


Elle has been AMAZING in the way she has been pouring into us, her interns, and we all leave the meeting each week feeling encouraged and inspired. It is seriously one of the best parts of the week!

First, we go over what each of us has accomplished in the past week. Questions are asked, thoughts are shared, stories are told. We get the work done, but we’re also three girls in the same room for about an hour, so life chats definitely happen.

After brainstorming and catching up a little bit on life, we look at what’s ahead on the schedule, and take on tasks for the next week. We then take the last 20ish minutes at the end and Elle teaches a lesson on photography. It has been such a tremendous blessing how she so selflessly pours into us!

So once the meeting is over, what do each of us do the rest of the week?

At the beginning of the semester we divided tasks. While each week tends to look different, here’s the gist of what each of us do at Elle Boone Photography!


My main focuses are the monthly newsletter, writing text blogs, uploading photo session blogs, client care and submitting Elle’s sessions to different blogs. I have so much fun doing each of these, but if I had to pick a favorite, I probably have way too much fun putting the Newsletter together. If you’re not subscribed, you need to do that now! You’re missing out on some pretty great stuff. ;)


MJ has such a creative mind; it always blows me away to see what she comes up with! Her main things are website editing, updating and improvement; social media content creation on Instagram and Pinterest; graphic design; brainstorming and implementing advertising of mini sessions, workshops, and senior sessions; text blogs, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Elle and I both scratch our heads at how she’s able to make Instagram stories so fun and interactive. Be sure to keep an eye out on the Elle Boone Photography Instagram stories, because when MJ takes over, it is seriously so much fun. Also, she created three different Christmas Phone wallpapers that you can get for FREE when you subscribe to the Elle Boone Newsletter! So you should definitely go and do that. Like, right now (just scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email!).


Then there’s Elle, the main Mastermind who does SO many things, I could probably dedicate a 5-part blog to it. ;) Elle’s weeks are typically spent shooting sessions, scheduling blog posts and Instagram posts, brainstorming, planning, scheduling, and teaching intern lessons, communicating with clients, location scouting, networking, organizing finances, editing, editing (oh, did I mention editing? ;)), and so much more. Most of this is done while her little guy, Hudson, is napping or at school.

A normal day for Elle usually looks like waking up at 5:45am, brewing a cup of coffee, having a quiet time, and praying with her hubby, Michael. Then typically she checks her email at 6:45am, replying to any quick things she can take care of before Hudson wakes up at 7am. Hudson is at school two days a week from 9am-2pm. On these days, Elle will come home and sit at her desk and try not to get up until 1pm. Then comes time to make lunch and attempt finishing the last few things before picking Hudson up from school. When he goes down at 7 or 8 at night she works for an hour or two while Michael studies. The other three days that Hudson is home, he still naps twice a day and that time is totally committed to working as efficiently as possible.

I don’t normally use the hashtag #goals, but it seems pretty fitting here. #GOALS

So with all that she does, you’re probably wondering how she does it, right? These are the systems you will see Elle on every. single. week. If not every single day.


This is where every requested session, booking history and information goes. This is one of the major things that helps keep things organized and on task.  If you are interested in Honeybook, click here to learn more and for a $200 off coupon.


Editing, editing, and more editing. With the endless sessions on the schedule, this is where they all go to get that special Elle Boone touch. Lightroom makes keeping our style uniformed beautifully simple.


After the pictures have been taken, culled, and edited, this is where they go. Pixieset makes delivering images to clients a breeze. They get to pick, download and purchase images or prints all in the same place. It’s pretty great.


While this is just a little peeling back of what goes on behind the scenes at Elle Boone Photography, we hope you had fun getting a glimpse into all of the fun and hard work that drives the passion of this business!

But YOU GUYS are the ones who make it all so rewarding and sweet! So thank you for being a part of this journey and following along!


Do you have any more questions you’re curious to know about Elle Boone Photography? We would LOVE to chat with you and see if we can answer any questions you might have!