Preparing for a Family Session


          What should you wear to a mommy and me session?  What should your kids wear?  What photographs well?  Read the following for some suggestions and guidance.   I love to help with selecting outfits and styling your session, so text me photos and ask me questions.  

Attire for Moms

Wear something lightly colored, pastel, neutrals, or floral prints.  Layers, vests, accessories, earrings, headbands, all these things add depth and character to photos.  They can be done perfectly or overdone.  I think long flowy dresses make moms look like queens and can be worn again, especially in the spring/summer.  Choose something that you feel beautiful and comfortable in.  Check out my pinterest board for inspiration and let me know if you need help putting together your outfit.   

 Make sure that your fingernails and toenails aren’t chipped, it will show up in photos.  Don’t hesitate to have your hair and makeup done.  Let me know if you need suggestions of hair and makeup artists. 

Where can I find the perfect dress/top?

I would suggest looking at the following websites or stores. 

Attire for kids

Kids look great in a similar color scheme- light, soft, colors.  Avoid bright, fluorescent colors or intense-looking patterns.  Stripes, flowers, seersucker, gingham, cords, etc. are great.  Shoes, moccasins, booties, or barefoot are great.   You can coordinate with your kids color scheme wise, but don't overdo it and match too much.  

Bonnets and straw hats are a plus if that's your thing.

Make sure to wipe your kids noses and pack clean snacks for your session.  

Check out my Pinterest page for more inspiration!

Where can I find the perfect outfits for my kids?

I wrote a blog post a few months ago highlighting some great kids' brands see more here.

In the mean time, here are a few kids brands that I love.

Also local to Fort Worth, Baby by Design has great outfits to choose from!


If you are interested in adding a subtle bouquet or flower crowns for your littles or mom, let me know! I can order them and have them delivered to the session.

Hair and Make-up Recommendation

Shannon Caldwell Downing at Something You Beauty
Becca Ashmon at BA Beauty