6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Prints

          In this age of Instagram, Facebook, and selfies, there is a proliferation of photos.  Everyone can take a photo and it doesn't cost anything to do it. Therefore, we have so many photos!  It has become a less natural and somewhat more cumbersome process of having photos printed.  Instead of developing your camera's film and receiving double prints of all your photos, you now have to go out of your way and intentionally load, process, and order prints.  Are prints still worth it?  Here are a few reasons why we see that prints have great value.


to make someone's day

          In college did you have something like “TOPS” (take our picture)?  At U.T.,  they would send a photographer to the sorority and fraternity events, then you would yell at the guy “TOPS” and he would take your picture!  Then, the next week after class you would go sit on the floor in their studio and look through albums until you found photos of you and your friends.  All that to say, sometimes a friend would buy your “tops” photo of the two of you and leave it on your bed.  Daymaker! Any time someone gives me a physical print to remind me of some special day we shared or a special moment, it means so much! I love getting prints.  Print your photos and send them to your mom or grandma or anyone in your life who you want to make their day.  

as a reminder

      We have a selfie that we took on the beach on our honeymoon framed in our kitchen (see above).  I can’t tell you how many times I look at it and smile and I am reminded of how excited, nervous, hopeful, so many things we were feeling then.  It is good for my soul and my marriage to be reminded.  I have photos framed of us and Hudson from his first Christmas in our house.  I know that as soon as we have another kid, those photos are going to be priceless.  I love looking at them and being reminded of how special of a treasure he is to us.  

make you smile

       Always worth it! We have a photo of Hudson that faces the door where you walk into our home.  Every time, I see it, it makes me smile.  What a great gift!

to save for your kids

     In some ways it is more difficult to scroll through old digital photos. They are unorganized, they are in different folders, there are too many, they haven’t been sorted through well and the bad ones haven’t been discarded. Choose your favorites photos, make a file, and order prints!

     I love photo albums!  There is something special and necessary about seeing yourself as a child or seeing your parents when they were young and married or in their elementary years.  Invest in prints and albums so that you can preserve the history of your family down the road, for your kids, and your grandkids.  

perfect gift

         Prints are an affordable and timeless gift to give for birthdays, anniversary, Father or Mother's Day or Christmas.  It is takes time and effort to go through the selection and ordering process and then finding a frame that works.  This is a great way to gift someone 


       Printed photos are a great way to fill the walls of your home.  It creates a warm, loving space when there is photos of your family around your home!  


     All of us want to have prints hung on our walls, filed in albums.  We need to be reminded why prints are important.  So, why you are thinking about printing- make it happen.  Pick out your favorite photos and order them now.   If you are a client of mine, send me an email, I will reopen your gallery and you can have access to the print store for the next week! 

          Prints make a statement.  they say this event was important to me.  This time really mattered, I value it and I want to be reminded of it.