Seven things to remember when planning your next party

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Woo! It's party planning time and you are off to a great start! You made the invite list, you picked a theme, and you planned the meal, but did you do these?

1. Ask for dietary restrictions: Can you imagine if one of your guests began to swell up because of a bowl of peanuts?   Put a little note on your invitation or send a text to make sure that you are accommodating all allergies

2. Tell the neighbors: Maybe their invited, maybe they aren't, but a simple heads-up on the group gathering will prepare them for the amount of cars lining the neighborhood, and potentially loud music (if you are throwing a rager, ha!)

3. Come up with a playlist: The last thing you want is "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas to come on during the family-friendly Christmas party. Pick songs that go with the theme of your party, whether it's around the holidays or your son's first birthday!

4. Check the spice cabinet: Everyone has that special ingredient that adds a little kick to the dip, be sure you have every ingredient you need before you start cooking. 

5. Clean the bathroom: Of course you cleaned the living room, but is there toilet paper stocked in the guest bathroom?

6. Ice, Ice, Baby: The most essential, yet overlooked item on the grocery list.  Designate one person (maybe your husband?) with this special task, so that it is sure to be accomplished.  

7. A little S&P: As much as you think your meal is perfectly seasoned, there's always someone (guilty) who is going to want some salt and pepper.  Find some cute shakers and make sure you put them out for that special someone. 

What are your favorite party planning tips and tricks? We’d love to hear from you!

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article by MJ Jones