Simple Things Furniture- Local Business Spotlight


      As I sat in the Simple Things shop, the sound of Frank Sinatra playing lightly in the background, the sun beaming off the raised white barn ceiling, I fell in love.. Simple Things is small furniture business based out of Benbrook Texas and it is a sanctuary. These people are passionate about furniture and about helping their clients to create unique spaces.  It is a beautiful space with beautiful products.

Our Meeting

      I sat down and talked with Patti, an employee at Simple Things and Jim, the owner, a few weeks ago and they filled me in on how Simple Things came to be. Patti is a sort of jack-of-all-trades. According to Jim, she is the best-kept secret in Texas. Patti is an artist for Simple Things. She takes care of the photography, the styling, the social media, she helps design the furniture, and she is a buyer among many other titles. Jim, on the other hand, has been designing his own furniture for over 20 years. He humbly referred to himself as a “competent forager at best.” But all it takes is one glance around his shop to know that that is quite the understatement. The building itself has a bit of a unique story as well. Apparently it functioned as a workshop when Simple Things was still running out of a space in University Park Village in Fort Worth. However, when Jim decided he wanted his own space, he made the decision to renovate the warehouse. According to Patti, it was a hideous building and everyone thought that Jim was crazy.  But now, looking around and admiring the wood flooring, the airy windows, and the white washed wood ceiling, I never could’ve imagined that this space was ever anything but lovely. Simple Things has been open at this new location in Benbrook for about 3 ½ years now. They like to say that they are “the coolest furniture store in Benbrook, Texas.” 

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The Style 

          Jim associates part of their success to the style of their furniture. He refers to their style as “cool, but not too gypsy hippie.” It allows for a wider range of people to come in and all like the style because it can be suited for a diversity of styles. Jim mentioned that Simple Things is unique because of their simplicity. They love natural light, creaky wood floors, weird music and lots of chocolate! Simple Things has definitely created a unique and cool atmosphere and style. I really enjoyed my time with them and am so pumped to have these creative souls in our area.  

Check Them Out

Be sure to check them out at 7401 W Vickery Blvd, Benbrook, TX 76116 and follow them on instagram @simplethingsfurniture.