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Lucy Newborn Session

It’s almost been one year since we welcomed our sweet Lucy into the world. Hudson was induced one week past his due date, so she was quite a surprise when she came three weeks early on my birthday! I was at dinner with my friends celebrating my birthday, when my contractions started. I didn’t tell anyone, because I thought I might be being dramatic. When I got home, Michael had a friend over. I waited until his friend left and then told him that I thought we might be going to the hospital that night. I put Hudson to bed and cried the whole time, knowing that my time of just him and me was over. I read him his books, tucked him in bed, took a shower, cried more, and then when I couldn’t talk anymore we decided that we needed to go to the hospital.

We loaded Hudson in the car to take him to my moms, jammed “Thunder” the short drive to the hospital, and checked in. The nurses tried to stop my labor, by having me rest and drink water, but soon after we arrived, I got an epidural. The second delivery was so different from the first, which had been natural, exhausting, painful, and such a beautiful experience. When we arrived at the hospital with Lucy, I knew that I didn’t have it in me at that time. I just didn’t have the energy. My epidural set in and Michael and I rested, knowing the days ahead would be difficult (with no days off for Michael) and then Lucy peacefully and sweetly entered the world. (The doctor let Michael deliver her). She weighed almost two pounds less than Hudson at 6lb 9oz.

God knew that we needed the sweet, most snuggly, sleepiest little doll baby for 2018. Every month following was jam packed with two of my siblings weddings, a best friend’s sons hospital stay and death, my dad’s death, and our own kids health issues. This little birthday present of Lucy Bennett Boone has eased our spirits at every turn this year as we spent a good portion of the year driving back and forth across Texas with so much life happening. In the days after my dad’s death, my kids have been such a gift making us get up as the day dawns, making us laugh, play, get outside, and keep going. Lucy has ministered to us so much through her contentment, trust, and sensitivity.

God has blessed us immensely. He knows what is next for each of us and with death and life in each hand He is good and He overcomes. I am excited to celebrate our little doll baby. I will always remember Lucy’s first year with such a mix of the greatest joys and the most devastating losses. We love you sweet girl, thankful for a God that holds it all in his hands.

Photos by myself and my friend Neeli Brisky at Eucharisteo Films.

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Photography: Elle Boone Photography | Wedding Planner: Mccall Guinn Events  | Floral Design: Native Bloom Floral |   Venue: The Prospect House | Catering: Tempura Grill | Beauty: Erica Gray Beauty  | DJ : DJ Prince | Furniture: Birch and Brass  | Rentals: Premier Events and Texas Hill Country Events | Day of Signage: e.b. creative