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Fun with Kids in the Fort for (almost) Free

Here's a list of fun things to do that don't break the bank and allow you to immerse yourself into the good ole Fort Worth. Elle Boone Photography's blog displays her latest work-including senior pictures, engagement sessions, weddings, newborn, and maternity pictures, as well as talks about the culture and happenings in Fort Worth, Texas and beyond. 

Five Favorite Fort Worth Spots

hg sply co

hg sply co

           We moved to Fort Worth from Austin about 18 months ago.  There have been many transitions in moving from what I like to call, the Promise Land, to Fort Worth.  One of which has been losing a lot of my favorite "spots."  So since we have been in Fort Worth, I have been on a hunt to find the best coffee, best food, and best atmospheres the city has to offer.  I am excited for all the growth that is underway in Fort Worth and all the new restaurants, coffee shops, and workout studios popping up.  I wanted to share with you my favorites so far and would love for you to comment and share yours.  


1. Press Cafe

           I love this place.  I have been a little too excited since they opened.  Press Cafe is high in all three categories-coffee, food, and atmosphere.  This is the best porch in all of Fort Worth.  I could sit by the outdoor fire place for days, sipping coffee and eating their in-house made baked goods (try the cookies and the cake)!  My recommendation is to come on a Saturday.  Come early, the Trailhead, right outside the cafe has free workout classes in the morning, and then sit and enjoy a beautiful Texas Saturday on the porch.  

          It is hard to decide-brunch or dinner, because the dinner food, like the carmelized brussels sprouts are to die for and the ancient grain bowl with sautéed fresh vegetables, faro, quinoa, rice, avocado and spicy soy glaze is such a treat.  You have to try this place if you haven't been there. 


2. Stir Crazy Baked Goods

          I am shocked when people tell me that they haven’t been to Stir Crazy.  Let me just list a few of their menu items- chocolate chip pretzel cookies, brown sugar sage cupcakes, coconut chocolate chip macaroon cookie bar, spiced buttermilk pie, tomato basil parmesan quiche.  Need I say more?  They are located on Magnolia, a perfect spot to meet a friend for coffee in the morning (free refills on Avoca coffee) or to sit on the patio and read a book for a few hours.  Every time my husband and I go on a date, he takes me here on the way home.  He knows the way to my heart. 


3. Hg Sply Co

        I was so excited when I heard hg sply co was opening in Fort Worth.  We went here for our first anniversary in Dallas and tried this unforgettable paleo menu.  This restaurant is awesome for any one who has any kind of dietary restrictions-there is something for everyone here-vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, etc.  This restaurant is very ingredient conscious, but also the food is of incredible taste and quality, and not lacking in portion size.  

      One special thing about hg sply co is at sunset they give everyone a sample of a specialty drink and they toast the customers.  It is a fun atmosphere.  I would recommend their happy hour when their appetizers are half off.  Try the cochinita nachos with mexican pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, salsa, guacamole, and green onion.  They also just opened a great patio that sits overlooking the Trinity Trail! 

4. Craftwork Coffee

          When we moved to Fort Worth, we knew that our friend from Austin was opening a coffee shop close to my husband’s school.  With the lack of coffee shops in general in Fort Worth, especially on the west side, we have loved having a specialty coffee shop in the neighborhood.  Excellence describes this place well, they don’t cut any corners.  We love to walk there for a cup of coffee perfection, a HOLY Kombucha, or a TACOHEADS breakfast taco.  So thankful to have this place in town.  

5. Whole Foods

          I have been so excited for Whole Foods to open about five minutes from our house.  Maybe it is the memory of Austin, but just being here makes me happy.  Their coffee and baked goods are the best and there is no where like it in the southwest corner of town.  Their soups are also the best-butternut squash crab bisque, white bean kale, and when they have them-the individually wrapped cornbread muffins. It is the perfect pairing for an easy, quick, cold weather meal.  

Press Cafe

Press Cafe

What am I missing out on?  Where are your favorite Fort Worth spots?