Top 10 Things I Learned Interning with EBP

     Oh man, this semester was kind of from a dream world.  I was planning on having one intern and after interviews, I just sensed they both MJ and Neeli needed to be on the EBP team.  The first week, I wrote out about 30 tasks and had them rank the ones they preferred from top to bottom.  Not joking, they ranked the opposites tasks, (a perfect team)!!  

       MJ has a crazy zest for life, you can't not love this girl.   She is a walking party (enneagram 7) and always has something crazy up her sleeve.  I bet being one of her college friends is so fun!  She is so stinking creative and bright.  She has great ideas and so much to contribute.  She mad us laugh and smile every week.  MJ always has a bright and positive outlook and doesn't complain.

      Neeli is as loyal as could be and overflowing with life and passion.   If you give this girl a job, she is going to do 100%.  She gave her all to every task I gave her.  She is a lover and romantic.  This girl is an incredible writer and is so so thorough.  It is going to be such a loss to me for her to move on next semester. 

     I have been so blessed by this team this Fall 2017 and I don't know what I am going to do without them!  I am so thankful for how our paths were drawn together for this season! 



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1.     Time management is KEY for internships that are “work-from-home.”

2.     Prioritizing your tasks is imperative because you cannot tackle everything in two days, HA!

3.     Neeli is an AMAZING writer and can articulate her thoughts so well.

4.     I love that we made a point to set goals of each month, I always make list, but I never sit down and think about what actual goals I want to accomplish.

5.     Elle is so dang calm when there is so much to do, I truly hope to acquire that skill. She also has a way of making me feel that my work is valued and appreciated which is so important.

6.     Family photos are quickly becoming my favorite kind of photos. The amount of making funny noises and playing peek-a-boo behind the camera to make young kids smile is hilarious.

7.     Learning how each other are REALLY doing outside of work just grows your relationship passed the “co-worker” stage to real friendship.

8.     Boone is probably the cutest toddler I’ve gotten to hang out with and I share his love for peanut butter pretzels.

9.     Elle and I both did Young Life in college which I found out when I was applying for the internship, however I did not know that we were both in the same sorority, HA! Go Kappa!

10.  Find yourself a go-to coffee shop to get work done, at EBP, Craftwork was our number one! 



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Time has flown by since beginning this internship! As grateful as I am for all that I’ve been able to learn these past few months, I am so grateful for the encouragement and friendship that has come out of it!

I will miss getting to meet with this amazing team each week, but am eager for all that’s ahead.

10 Things I learned:

1. Organization. I don’t know if y’all have heard, but Elle had over 80 SESSIONS this fall ALONE! Yes, E-I-G-H-T-Y sessions. It’s helped me see an even greater value of staying on top of things, as well as having systems in place and tools to use to keep you on top of it all.

2. MJ LOVES Topo Chico. Which makes me super happy, because Topo Chico is awesome and so is she, so it just makes sense. Yes, Topo Chico made it's way into a few of our meetings. ;)

3. Clearer understanding of shooting in manual. Being able to practice shooting manually hands on with Elle has helped me understand a whole new world of manual shooting. This is a huge win!

4. Not to doubt myself. Both Elle and MJ are amazing encouragers. Any time I would finish a newsletter for the month, or a new blog, they were always so encouraging. These girls are seriously some of the best and have helped me so much in this area!

5. Continually set goals. Elle would have us write out our goals for each month. To go back and see those things actually being accomplished was a huge motivator!

6. Teamwork makes the dream work. I have always believed in this, but seeing it in a smaller knit group was awesome! Seeing MJ’s and Elle’s skills come into play each uniquely to add value to whatever we were doing made everything that much more exciting and fun.

7. Don’t sweat the “what-if’s.” Watching how Elle would roll with the punches and operate out of trust instead of worry has begun to instill that same mindset into my heart and mind.

8. Elle and MJ have both been heavily involved in Young Life, but also found out that Elle also used to be a part of the sorority that MJ is in now. Seeing them connect over these things has been so fun and adorable!

9. Elle makes really cute kids. Ha! It’s been so fun the days that Hudson’s been able to hang out with us for a little bit. He’s definitely the cutest part of the EBP team. ;) I can’t wait to see what baby girl Boone will look like!

10. I LOVE family sessions! The way mom makes the kids giggle, the meltdowns, the flirtatious moments when mom and dad get to be alone, the unexpected ways of kids making for a really great capture… All of the mess and all of the love. It’s what makes each family unique, and I LOVE it.


We will not be taking any interns for the Spring of 2018, due to baby girl Boone's arrival, but will be taking applications this summer for Fall 2018.