Wild One Birthday Party

The first birthday party

I did not think that I would be one of the crazy ones who was planning my child's first birthday for months, but the first birthday is so much more than it seems.  It is a celebration and re-living of their birth story, your labor, how you waited and anticipated the coming of your child.  It is a celebration of your family's survival of the first year, through sleepless nights and your whole life being turned upside-down, with much less margin and much more neediness.  It is a celebration of the tribe of family and friends who have brought us meals, helped us hold our crying child, rallied around us through sickness, a hospital stay, encouraged us, and loved on us through so much change.  The best part is it is a celebration of this life that has brought us a joy that we never knew was possible as we have watched this personality God thought of and breathed life into before time and has allowed us to take care of, delight in, and love on everyday.  We have laughed more than ever this year at this sweet boy, his curiosity, his strength, his persistence, and playfulness.  We enjoyed celebrating so much with friends and family last weekend.